What is DND?

DND is a brand of nail products founded in the USA in the heart of Southern California. DND stands for Daisy Nail Design. It is made up of and extensive line of colors in various product types. The first product release was the gel and lacquer duo. This was followed up by another set of duos known as the Cats eyes collection. The newest addition is the DC collection. This also comes in a gel and lacquer duo as well as a new dipping powder format.

Why is it so great?

It is Made in USA. You can Forget about base coats, bond-aids, and primers. DND Soak Off Gel Polish provides a luminous nail color that applies faster, feels thinner, and lasts longer with a fast two-step professional system. DND Gel Nail Polish is fused with essential vitamins that makes nails stronger, healthier, as well as stunning for weeks!

Shop a variety of DND Products here: http://www.beyondpolish.com